Artificial intelligence (AI) is a versatile and powerful technology. It can contribute to countermeasures against new coronavirus infections in various ways, such as the development of therapeutic agents, infection simulation, the creation of remote environment, etc.

The AI Japan secretariat has surveyed members of universities and public institutions on their AI's efforts to prevent COVID-19 infection. This is the first survey as a part of our unified information dissemination on artificial intelligence (AI) research. The results will be published as follows.

The last update: Nov 20, 2020. From 24 universities and public organizations, 73 Activities are reported.

Research classification

Detecting and treating infection by AI

Protein analysis, medicine search assessment

Knowledge acquisition and search

Inspection support

Support for emergency medical treatment, optimized plan

Transmission suppression of infection disease, grasping human social behavior by AI

Epidemiology and infection prediction

Infection simulation

Behavior grasping, behavior modification

Social behavior analysis

AI usage for remote circumstance enhancement

Education, medical care, nursing care, health and so on

Telework, busines

Robot, remote circumstance enhancement