Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The following terms and conditions apply when using the website of the AI Japan R&D Network (hereinafter referred to as, “AI Japan").

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The following browsers are recommended when using the AI Japan website. Please note that the site may not perform properly in environments other than those listed below, or under certain settings despite using the recommended browsers. In addition, we recommend using the latest version of your browser of choice for a safer and more comfortable browsing experience.

Microsoft Edge (latest version), Mozilla Firefox (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Safari (latest version)


The rights to all information (text, illustrations, photographs, videos, etc.) belongs to AI Japan or AI Japan member organizations and are copyrighted accordingly.

The AI Japan website as a whole is also subject to copyright that belongs to the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as “AIST”), which houses the office of the AI Japan secretariat, as an edited work, and is protected under Japanese copyright laws and international treaties.

The aforementioned information may not be reproduced or reprinted without prior authorization by AI Japan, except for personal use or quotation as permitted under copyright law. (When quoting, please cite the source in an appropriate manner.) For AI Japan member organizations’ copyrighted information, please obtain permission to use the materials directly from the relevant AI Japan member organizations.

All or part of the content on the AI Japan website may not be altered without prior authorization by AI Japan.


Website users are, in principal, free to link to the AI Japan website(prior authorization not required). However, the AI Japan website may not be linked in a manner that may deceive visitors into thinking it is part of the original webpage from which it is linked.

Access logs

This website automatically collects Internet domain names, IP addresses, and other information related to browsing this website (access log). The information collected shall be utilized as references toward the smooth implementation of services offered by this website.


Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, usefulness, and completeness of the information posted on the AI Japan website, AI Japan assumes no responsibility for any actions taken by users using the information on this server. In addition, AI Japan is not responsible for the content of pages provided by AI Japan member organizations, regardless of whether or not there is a link to the information from the AI Japan website.

Please note that content and URLs on the AI Japan website may be changed or deleted without prior notice.