NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) released a deep-learning version of WISDOM X for Japanese (developed by Data-driven Intelligent System Research Center, Universal Communication Research Institute) at on March 31st, 2021. This deep-learning version is an upgraded version of a previous test-release of WISDOM X, which did not employ deep-learning technologies. This new WISDOM X provides answers of higher quality, using the information extracted from 6 billions of Japanese web pages, to a wider range of questions using a large-scale neural network called BERT. This network was pretrained using huge amounts of web texts (about 350GB) and was improved with NICT's original technology.
 We plan to use the technologies developed for WISDOM X for AI systems such as a dialogue system that can contribute to addressing such social issues as elderly care and disaster prevention. WISDOM X is freely accessible for non-commercial use at

WISDOM X (deep-learning version)
■Date of release:March 31, 2021
■Features:Question-answering system that can answer factoid-questions, why-questions, how-to questions, and what-happens-if questions.
■ Information sources: 6 billions of Japanese web pages
■ Language model for deep learning:BERT pretrained with 350GB web texts and improved with NICT's original technology.