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  • Job Opportunities for the 2nd round of Open Recruitment 2021 (Research and Development of Human-centered Information Technologies aimed at Strengthening Industrial Competitiveness and the Realization of a Prosperous and Comfortable Society)


We are looking for a wide range of research scientists who can contribute to developing artificial intelligence technology for achieving a human-centered AI society that can anticipate changes in the industrial structure and create new customer values, cyber-physical system technology to support sophisticated industrial and social systems, mobility technology to expand life-space, and digital architecture technology for achieving a data-driven digital society. Candidates are expected to have extensive experience in research areas, such as informatics, AI, robotics, controlling engineering, psychology, ergonomics, service engineering, and safety engineering. A strong motivation for conducting translational research to solve problems in industry and society is highly desired. For more details, please refer to here.
Closed at 12:00 *at noon on 12 October 2021 (JST).