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  • Job Opportunities for the 1st round of Open Recruitment 2022 [Research and Development in Information Technology for Co-prosperity with Humans to Achieve Society 5.0]


In order to achieve Society 5.0, we are recruiting research scientists who can contribute to developing technologies to solve social issues such as declining birthrates and an aging population, or anticipate changes in the industrial structure and create new customer values, and promote social implementation of technologies.
In this position a researcher will engage in research and development of artificial intelligence technology to achieve human-centered AI society, human interaction technology to augment human functions, digital architecture technology for achieving a data-driven digital society, and cyber-physical system, security, and mobility technology to support sophisticated industrial and social systems.
Candidates are expected to have extensive experience in research areas, such as informatics, artificial intelligence, robotics, controlling engineering, psychology, physiology, ergonomics, service engineering and safety engineering.A strong motivation for conducting translational research to solve problems in industry and society is highly desired. For further details, please see here. Closed at 12:00 *at noon on 17 May 2022(JST)